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4tips for Parents to avoid Getting Mad during Home Tutoring
  1. be Fool - don't ever act being clever than your kids because kids will more rely on you for answer. Although parent you do knew the answers, however, ask them to guide you and encourge them to learn and teach us. By this, it will indirect our kids to be more actively in learning. 
  2. be Soft - don't ever be angry because you will make your kids nervous, mind getting blank even scare themself. Impact is causing them will be feckless in their life.
  3. be Stunned - don't ever desparate than your kids. Allowed them to have more time to learn and think and make yourself as a reliable and supportive parent in front of your kids.
  4. be Naive - allowed your kids to make mistake and we guide them with patient. Without your passion, your kids will hate homework and always finding excuse for learning, go school and etc.